Recommended worldwide by dermatologists, pharmacists and GPs, Avène is the go-to brand for sensitive skin. Each Avène product features Avéne Thermal Spring Water - a unique active ingredient that has been clinically proven to soothe skin irritation. But Avène isnt just for sensitive souls - it also offers specialist solutions for skin that is dull, dry, dehydrated, itchy, blemish-prone and oily.

Avène Heritage

Avène water filters through the Cévennes Mountains, in southern France, absorbing precious minerals and trace elements for 50 years until it reaches the mouth of the ancient Sainte-Odile spring, where the water is bottled and forms the foundation of the gentle formulas and textures that Avène is famous for.

Expert Advice

Unique in its origin and composition, Avène Thermal Spring Water has been used for over two centuries to treat inflammatory skin diseases, and has many benefits recognised by the French Academy of Medicine. It features soothing and softening properties, in addition to active ingredients that are known for noticable reducing reactivity in sensitive skin. The water is bacteriologically pure, low in mineral content and extremely high in silicates - which form a protective film upon the skin to leave it feeling calmed and comfortable.

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