Recommended as a first-line treatment by healthcare professionals and cosmetic surgeons for over 20 years, Kelo-Cote products help to prevent, treat and reduce the appearance of both hypertrophic and keloid scars.

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The brand’s clinically proven formulas soften, smooth and flatten, reducing redness, itching and discolouration. With regular use, they can minimise many different types of scarring, resulting from general or cosmetic surgery, burns, trauma injury or C-section procedures. KELO-COTE products feature a blend of silicones that cross-link and bond to the skin. This breathable layer creates an optimal environment for healing, by regulating moisture levels and collagen production.

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Often raised, bulky and itchy, keloid scars are caused by an injury, infection or inflammation that spreads beyond the border of the original wound. These are basically scars that keep on growing, even after the wound has healed. Hypertrophic scars start out as red and raised, but tend to become flatter and paler over time. They don’t usually extend beyond the boundary of the original wound, but they may continue to thicken. Excessive collagen build-up is a contributory factor for both scar types.

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