Self-Care Beauty Tips to Boost Your Mood

Jessica Vincent (Destination Skin) explores the best ways to boost your mood with these beauty tips.


Lockdown has made us all that little bit more resourceful, attempting things we’ve never tried before. Many of us have morphed into DIY gurus, ready and willing to try fixing flat-pack furniture, cutting our own hair, mixing our favourite cocktails – and baking banana bread.

We might not achieve expert results, but simply having a go can be really rewarding and often enhances our feelings of wellbeing and self-worth. However, it can also make us realise just how much we miss the professionals, too!

Dr Toni Philips

Dr Toni Philips, Group Clinical Director at DestinationSkin, says this is particularly true when it comes to skincare and beauty. “When your skin looks fresh and radiant, it can give you a big boost. Luckily there are plenty of beauty hacks you can try at home, which your skin will thank you for.”

Start With Skin Superfoods

The food we eat can have a significant impact on our skin. Eating too much of the wrong foods can diminish that all-important glow. Conversely there are lots of ingredients that can contribute to healthy, radiant skin. Here are a few of my favourite skin superfoods:


Berries can help to counter the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They are packed with powerful antioxidants, which help to keep free radicals under control. Free radicals are tiny molecules that can attack the cells and reduce their ability to function optimally. They are one of the leading causes of skin damage and skin ageing.


Avocados are rich in healthy fats, which help to keep skin supple and moisturised, and can even help to protect your skin from sun damage. However, that definitely isn’t an excuse to forego SPF!

Oily Fish

3. Oily fish is great for healthy skin. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals including omega 3, vitamin E and zinc, which work to tackle inflammation, promote skin health and cell production.

Glowing Skin Starts From Within

We all know that consuming too much salt and sugar isn’t good for our health. But what impact do they have on our skin?

Too much sugar – often found in fizzy drinks and processed food – causes glycation. This process destroys collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, which are both essential for firm, fresh and glowing skin. Hyaluronic Acid helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is responsible for your skin’s elasticity

Excessive salt in your diet can interfere with the overall water balance both within and outside the cells. Foods that are high in salt can cause water retention, and sometimes puffy eyes. Excess salt can also lead to collagen depletion, and promote premature ageing.

We’re all allowed to enjoy a treat now and then, but don’t overdo it. Remember the detrimental effects of too much salt and sugar next time you’re shopping in the supermarket, or rummaging in your cupboards for a snack.

Make Your Own Face Mask

Run out of your favourite beauty face masks? Don’t despair – when you’re in need of a little TLC, try foraging in your kitchen instead.

Here’s a round-up of the skin-loving ingredients you could try incorporating into a DIY face mask:

1. Avocado – soothing and hydrating

2. Honey – antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

3. Turmeric powder with water – reduces inflammation

4. Oatmeal – antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Helps to calm dry skin and remove dead skin cells

5. Fresh aloe (or aloe vera gel) – naturally soothing and lightly moisturising

Top tip: always remember to apply your mask to clean, dry skin. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water, and remember to moisturise afterwards.

Take Up Facial Yoga

I am a big fan of facial massage and yoga. In fact, I always recommend it to my clients to help settle and maintain injectable dermal filler treatments. If you’ve had to put your usual skincare treatments on hold – or even if you’re just ready for a well-deserved pick-me-up – facial yoga is a brilliant at-home exercise to help perfect your pout.

Top tip: Always cleanse before your facial yoga session. Skincare and makeup products can make the skin feel soft and slippery – and you need a good grip to achieve the optimum results!

Facial Massage

Facial massage (even around the lips) activates the lymphatics and stimulates the blood flow, transporting oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin and facial tissues. The exercises are based on the same principles as resistance training, and are designed to leave your skin feeling firmer and fuller.

Top tip: For the best results, try and incorporate these exercises into your daily skincare routine.

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