Our skin is doing a lot, it’s different in different places of the body, think about the difference in the skin on your eyelids, compared to the skin on the heels of your feet. But wherever it is and however thick it is, it is protecting you from the outside world.  It prevents microbes getting in, it helps us to produce vital vitamins such as Vitamin D and especially in the face, it is a key component in how attractive we are and aesthetically how we come across.

Why do we have routines at night and in the day and why are they often different?

Well firstly we need to cleanse our skin morning and night to remove dirt, make up and impurities that have accumulated during the day and during the night when we sleep.

AM: In the morning we tend to need to cleanse off oil and sweat that has accumulated at night, protect the skin for the day ahead mainly with SPF and apply the active ingredients to correct any issues.

PM: In the evening again we want to cleanse off make up, impurities from pollution and then add correcting and protecting products while our body is in regeneration and healing mode when we sleep. Some products do not do well in the day time and can be rendered ineffective in the light and so it is important to apply the products in the right order and appropriately in the AM or PM.

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