Expert Topic by Joanne Rendell

Should we be ditching the wipes? And why?

I’m often asked if wipes are good for the skin and if it’s OK to be cleansing with them. As a Skin Therapist, my professional opinion is NO. I accept that make-up cleansing wipes are practical when travelling or camping, when clean running water isn’t readily available. But I really can’t recommend using wipes to cleanse your face on a regular daily basis.

When you use a wipe on your whole face, you are simply moving bacteria all over your skin. So if you are using wipes, and experiencing acne, under-surface congestion, or even dry skin, this is one potential reason why.

Disposable wipes are designed to dissolve make-up quickly, and remove excess oil, with no need to rinse. The problem with this is that when you omit the important step of rinsing your skin, you leave behind make-up and oils, which can clog pores. The ingredients within the wipes that remain on the skin’s surface often contain alcohol and preservatives – which help the wipes to stay moist. These chemicals can lead to irritation, clogged pores, increased sensitivity, and even topical dermatitis.

Did you know that when you use a wipe you’re moving bacteria all over your face? Yuck!

If you find yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to use wipes – or you’re off for a gym session perhaps – that’s fine. But please don’t use wipes in place of a proper daily cleanse. If you do have to fall back on them, be sure to use plenty, so that you completely remove everything you need to. And pay close attention to the hair and jaw line.

Remember that wipes work best as a quick fix. They are good for taking off make-up around the eyes, but NOT effective when it comes to deep-down cleansing. They simply remove a layer off the surface. This dirt and make-up is then just moved around the face, leaving an unpleasant layer on the top. And if you’re a fan of baby wipes, just remember they were created to wipe babies’ bottoms with – so how can they be good for our faces?


If used regularly, wipes can strip your skin, causing redness, irritation, acne and dryness. These concerns can often be easily remedied if you ditch the disposable wipes and wash your face properly with cleanser and warm water.

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Written by Skin Therapist Joanne Rendell